Goldsmiths Lawyers and Barrie Goldsmith subject to dispute over $7000 credit card charge.

Dr Ghosh v Baycorp Collections PDL Aust Pty Ltd [2014] NSWSC 1727 (4 December 2014)


The matter has dealt with claims made regarding various issues, generally including, Goldsmith's Lawyers Goldsmiths lawyers Barrie goldsmith Unauthorized credit card debit, $7000 unauthorized charge, legal fees disputed, sydney lawyer debited credit card without consent.

A current rip off report appears to have summarized the key issues in Dr Ghosh v Baycorp Collections PDL Aust Pty Ltd [2014] NSWSC 1727 at paragraph 3 where Schmidt J highlights......

"The amended summons on which Dr Ghosh now proceeds claimed, amongst other things, that the defendant had obtained the default judgment in the Local Court for $14,722.46 in respect of a credit card bill claimed to be owed to the NAB; that the claim related to a claimed $7,000 debit to Goldsmith Lawyers, for which they had no authority to debit to her credit card; that Dr Ghosh had paid the disputed sum to the NAB, which had debited a further $7,000, instead of reversing the debit, and froze the card, before she travelled overseas; that fraud had been reported to police in March 2011"

It appears the consumer review (link below) also contains some sensible general reflection on life experiences and some sound cautionary advice for anyone generally interested in avoiding disputes of this sort.


See paragraph 3 on link below to understand context of issues raised relating to Barrie Goldsmith of Goldsmith Lawyers


Reason of review: Bad quality.

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